Tanghulu Master Candy ASMR

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Overview of Tanghulu Master Candy ASMR

Tanghulu Master Candy ASMR is a attractive cooking game. It is also an ASMR game where you can enjoy relaxing your ears while making candy canes. This game is divided into 3 segments, the sugarplum-making segment, the room-decorating segment, and the bakery segment. You can pick beautiful decorations to decorate the room, then go to the bakery to work and feel the fun of running a bakery, and then go to make sugarplumsOur CHARACTER will also be live streaming the eating of the candy canes, making the crisp sound of chewing on the icing and fruit, so come and listen if youre interested.

Tanghulu Master Candy ASMR Game Instructions

On PC Mouse click and drag to make Tanghulu On Mobile Finger click and drag to make Tanghulu

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