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Overview of Zombinators

In troubled times, when the Earth is exposed to global catastrophes, all people try to protect themselves by any means available. In the game Zombinators you will get to our planet in the terrible period of the spread of the zombie virus. It was artificially created in secret underground laboratories, but could not be kept. A spooky virus escaped to the surface began to infect people. The cities are empty, the streets are not visible to the townspeople, only the green zombies are wandering about in search of a victim. Healthy people have to risk their lives to get to the store. Our character in the game Zombinators was more fortunate than the others, he has a jeep, which he converted to shoot down the stray dead. Such transport and its driver have already been dubbed the Zombinator. Under the cover of a car, people can get into stores to replenish food supplies. Help the hero rush through the streets, zombies do not interfere with him, they instantly die under the powerful wheels of the car. The danger is represented by the streets themselves, for a long time no one has cleaned them, they will have to overcome many obstacles. Try to control so as not to roll over or lose the wheels. The accident will be the death of the hero in the game Zombinators.

Zombinators Game Instructions

arrows to drive and space for jump

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