City Driver Destroy Car Play Online Free sports Game

City Driver Destroy Car

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City Driver Destroy Car Play Online For Free

Discover Endless Fun With City Driver Destroy Car, The HTML5 sports Game! Play Online For Free on Play-APK, Where High-Speed Performance Meets Ad-Free Enjoyment.

Overview of City Driver Destroy Car

Save up money, buy cars and destroy them in the trash!

Get ready for a crazy car destruction simulator! The goal of the game is to smash your car as hard as possible! For each scratch you will receive money. They can be spent on new cars and their upgrades.

– 3D car racing;
– Accidents, breakdown of cars and their breaking;
– Unique system of destruction and deformation of the car;
– A large selection of cars;
– Realistic handling, like in driving simulators;
– Jump on cars from skyscrapers and sky jumps

Play Online City Driver Destroy Car

Game Walkthrough :

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