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Granny Chapter 2

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Granny Chapter 2 Latest Android MOD APP Free Download

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Overview of Granny Chapter 2 APP:

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Whenever we watch any horror movie or survival thriller we always make assumptions about what we would do if we were in the place of the main character and we always make comments about the survival skills of the main character in a movie. If you are a horror movie fan then there is a game in which you can apply all your survival skills to escape The Evil spirits chasing you. Granny chapter 2 is a horror survival game which is the second part of the granny series.

This game was developed by DEVeloper. This is a horror game in which you will get stuck in a house and an old lady will chase you to kill you and you will have to survive and get out of the house. As in the chapter 2 there is an addition of an old man who will accompany the granny to chase you and kill you. You will have to get out of the house before they catch you and make sure that you don’t make any noise because granny can even hear whispers or a rustle sound.

This game offers realistic visuals and audio effects of a horror movie that will keep you horrified and will give you a real experience. It also has certain levels with different types of difficulties. For example there is an easy to hard level in this game.

This Spooky game has many horrifying features to offer. If you are brave enough to get in depth of this game, then we recommend you to read this article.

What is Granny Chapter 2 APK?
Granny chapter 2 is a second part of the horror game Granny. It is a horror survival game in which you will have to escape the old man and woman chasing you in a house where you got stuck. You will have to find a way to get out of the house in under 5 days. If you are unable to get out of the house in the given time then you will lose the game.

What is Granny Chapter 2 MOD APK?
Granny chapter 2 has many difficulty levels and to remove these restrictions granny chapter 2 Mod APK is developed. This is the modified version of the granny chapter 2 game in which you will be able to escape The Monster attacks, you will have access to the premium features, improved graphics and unlimited play time. Moreover in this version there will be no ads.

What happens if you Shoot a Baby in Granny Chapter 2?
In the granny chapter 2, if you shoot a baby the eyes of the granny and grandpa will glow red and they will start looking for you wherever you are and will kill you. The same thing happens when you kill the pets or hold a Teddy. In the granny chapter 2 the baby can also accompany the monster to kill the player. In this way the baby can easily help the monster to find you.

What is the Purpose of Teddy in Granny Chapter 2?
In the granny chapter 2 Teddy has more than one different functions first of all first of all if you hold a baby it will allow you to keep a track of granny’s activities you can even hear the Heartbeat of the granny when she come closer to you the other function of the tradi is that it will help to reveal the Selindrina’s Easter Egg. Which will Summon selindrina’s mom.

Latest Updates In Granny Chapter 2:
  • Horror Entities Chasing You
  • Practice Mode
  • Puzzles
  • Hiding Places
  • Graphics and Sound Effects
  • Limited Time to Survive
  • Premium Features
  • Survive Attacks
  • Improved Gameplay


Q. Can Grandpa hear in Granny Chapter 2?
A. Unlike Granny, the grandpa is completely deaf in the game. He cannot hear any kind of sound.

Q. Does Spiders harm you in Granny Chapter 2?
A. The spiders appear in the nightmare mode. But they are not able to sting the players or even give a hint to grandparents.

Granny Chapter 2 Key Features:

Horror Entities Chasing You
In the granny chapter 2 , there will be two horror entities that will be chasing you in the house. One of these is the granny which was in the previous part and the second entity is the grandpa who will accompany the granny to follow you. You will have to be very careful because Granny is able to hear even the slightest sounds and she will chase you with the help of the sound that you make.

Practice Mode
Don’t worry if you are a new player of the granny chapter 2. You will be given a chance to play the practice mode in which you will be able to find different ways and attempts with the help of which you can escape The Attacks of The grandparents. This mode will help you to get familiar with the gameplay.

In the granny chapter 2, you can solve different puzzles and have access to some gadgets that will help you to escape from the house. For example by completing three puzzles you will be able to have access to the helicopter which will appear on the Balcony of the house and you can flee the house with the help of the helicopter. There are many other rewards that you can get by solving puzzles.

Hiding Places
If you ever feel that granny is too close to kill you then you can also hide in some places to survive. The best hiding places are the Shower and the back side of the door.

Graphics and Sound Effects
The granny chapter 2 offers realistic visuals of a horror movie and also the Spooky sound effect that will keep you indulged in the game play and at the same time will also make you horrified.

Limited Time to Survive
In the granny chapter 2 you will have 5 days in which you will have to escape the house and if you could not escape the house in these 5 days then you will automatically be attacked by the granny and will die. There are also different levels of difficulty. For example there are easy, moderate, hard and extreme modes available in the game.

Features of the Granny Chapter 2 MOD APK
Premium Features
In the standard version of granny chapter 2 you will have only 5 days to escape. But in the modded version you will have unlimited time to escape The House. This is one of the premium features and you will have access to them for free.

Survive Attacks
In the granny chapter 2 Mod APK, you will be able to survive all the monster attacks.

Improved Gameplay
In this modded version you will be provided with an improved gameplay which means that there will be improved visuals and graphics and there will be no bugs in the game.

Granny chapter 2 is an ideal game for the horror fans. In this game, you will have to overcome your fears, you will also have to escape The grandparents in this game. Dive into this horror gameplay and play different modes to become a pro. And if you want to play the game without any restrictions then you can download it’s modified version from our website and enjoy unlimited gameplay. Don’t forget to share your reviews about the Granny chapter 2 with us in the comment section.

Granny Chapter 2 APK Download

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