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Overview of BattleGrounds Mobile India APP:

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is an Indian version of the PUBG mobile game meant exclusively for Indian players. It is an online multiplayer battle royale game launched by Krafton in 2021. This version of PUBG mobile was developed because the original version was banned in India by the Indian government.

BattleGrounds Mobile India – BGMI:
BGMI has quite similar gameplay as PUBG mobile. It is a player-versus-player shooting game where 100 players are air dropped at a location. Players can land at the place of their choice and collect resources, weapons and protective helmets and armours and even vehicles.

The players are supposed to shoot and take down others as they survive. The playing area keeps shrinking from time to time so that all the survivors can gather in a common place and face each other. Your health declines rapidly outside the safe zone.

The last one standing wins the game. This game can be played in a squad of 4 or solo. There are various maps available to choose from. And each map has unique locations like grasslands, buildings, ghost towns, hospitals, schools etc. Players are supposed to travel through the map, remain in the safe zone and kill as many players as they can and survive. Occasionally some planes even drop crates filled with weapons, armour and supplies; these drops have better resources. The players can find better supplies in higher-risk areas.

BattleGrounds Mobile India Key Features:

1. Amazing maps: BGMI comes with different maps like Erangale, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Livik and Karakin to choose from. Each map has unique landscapes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
2. Play solo or in a squad: you can make a Squad with your friends or pair up with random players and play in groups of 4 or as a pair or even play solo.
3. Amazing realistic weapons: the coolest feature of BGMI is their realistic weapons like famous guns and grenades. Players can choose from their favourite weapons to fight. Not just weapons, you can find some useful accessories too.
4. Clash Squad mode: you can also play a battle between 2 squads of 4 members each, this battle is fought in rounds, and the strongest team wins.
5. Practice mode: there’s a really cool play park where players can choose their favourite weapons for Practice and even just roam around having fun.
6. Cool costumes and pets: this game also lets you customise your character by appearance, skin, height, sex etc. You can also put on some cool costumes and own pets like a hawk.
7. Real-like graphics: this game has three graphics settings such as low, medium and high. The graphic design of BGMI is quite realistic.

BGMI is a really cool multiplayer online battle royale game. If you like games like PUBG and Free Fire, then you will definitely love this game. Download Battlegrounds Mobile India now and enjoy!

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